Robert Knoth


An evocative collection of works by Dutch photo-journalist, Robert Knoth is currently on show at The Australian Centre for Photography, Paddington. Entitled Certificate no. 000358/ Nuclear Devastation in the Former Soviet Union, this display highlights the devastating consequences of radiation, by photographing the affected victims. Case studies include the Patuchenko sisters who both suffer from brain tumours, Vadim Kuleshov- an eight year old mentally retarded boy with bone disease and Nastya Eremenko a young girl who was diagnosed with cervical cancer at only three years old.

Knoth has been photographing these subjects in black and white since the early nineties, continuing to make us aware of the repercussions experienced by such innocent victims. He names each photo after the people depicted, followed by where they are from. When noticing all the different countries included, we are able to see just how far spread the devastation really lies.

Knoth studied at the Urecht School of Arts over the duration of a year before earning his way as a rock photographer in the early nineties. He has since documented various war torn destinations including Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Sierra Leone.

Certificate No.000358/ is a global traveling exhibition, which is estimated to have already been viewed by over 200,000 people. It is set to travel to Queensland and South Australia next.