Phantom Sightings


Phantom Sightings: Art after the Chicano Movement is a breakthrough exhibition for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Despite the heavy Latino and Chicano population in Southern California, LACMA has never before featured the Chicano art movement. Organized by filmmaker and curator Rita Gonzales, LACMA’s Contemporary art curator Howard Fox, and LACMA’s adjunct curator of Latino and Chicano Art Chon Noriega, the show attempts to explore the experimental aspects of Chicano Art.

Phantom Sightings includes around 125 works of art, all by contemporary artists. Christina Fernandez, whose photographs were recently displayed in the project space at Pomona College’s Museum of Art, shot the promotional image for the show: a graffiti ridden laundry mat. Mario Ybarra Jr., an artist who likes his work to interact with its surroundings and its audience, recently participated in the Whitney Biennial. Nicola Lopez does free-spirited multi-media projects that probe urban landscapes. Juan Capistrani does it all–installation, sculpture, and drawing. As a whole, the LACMA show gives audiences a comprehensive idea of Chicano art as it stands today, emphasizing the social, environmental, and attitude related issues that young people face and showing how art can grapple with contemporary issues. The exhibition opened on April 8th and will run through September 2008.