April, 2008

Anna Sew Hoy

Anna Sew Hoy, a young artist who splits her time between Los Angeles and New York, makes work that sometimes seems therapeutically lyrical and sometimes seems tongue-in-cheek. Her current solo show Pow! once again straddles the line between lyricism and banter. At LAX Art in Los Angeles, Pow! includes two oversized casts, one for a giant ankle and another for an arm. Sew Hoy invites[…..]


Curator’s Office and Civilian Art Projects have collaborated on the exhibition craigslist at Civilian Art Projects in Washington, DC. On craigslist, users can search for essentially anything, from jobs and jewelry to casual encounters. Each month, the site receives more than 9 billion page views and more than 10 million new images are uploaded. Artists Joseph Dumbacher, John Dumbacher, Jason Horowitz, and Jason Zimmerman use[…..]


A collaborative team of Melbourne artists known as DAMP have created Scene 1, an interactive installation currently on show at the Kerry Gardner & Andrew Myer Project Gallery within the Heide Museum of Modern Art, Victoria. Consisting of three large painted wooden panels, the work depicts the artists posing in a conceptual freeze frame similar to the biblical nativity scene. Holes have been cut where[…..]

Michael Riley

A series of works by late Indigenous artist Michael Riley are currently on show at Stills Gallery, Paddington. Entitled flyblown the photographic series portrays a range of imagery depicting the loss of Indigenous culture through forced assimilation. Christian iconography including wooden crosses and bibles reference the way Western religion was forced upon their civilization, while images of dead birds and heavenly skies refer to the[…..]

"Disguised" -Layla Ali, Melanie Bonajo and Kinga Kielczynska, Heidi Bucher, and Yael Davids

Rotwand presents “Disguised,” a group exhibition featuring Layla Ali, Melanie Bonajo, Kinga Kielczynska, Heidi Bucher, and Yael Davids. In today’s world where everything is overexposed and overanalyzed, a countermovement to the dwindling distinction between public and private spheres is growing. Whether this is an effort to protect the past or to criticize contemporary culture is to be determined by the viewer. Ali’s monochromatic prints in[…..]

Asja Jung

For the first solo exhibition in a season-long multidisciplinary program called The Proper Animal at Black & White Gallery in New York, painter Asja Jung presents Mating Season, a series of humanoid apes set in highly ornate environments. The purpose and actions of the figures are ambiguous, but the intense gaze of the animal captures our attention. The subject stands alone in the elaborate surroundings,[…..]

Hernan Bas

On display until November at the Rubell Family Collection (RFC) in Miami is a decade of Hernan Bas’ works collected by the Rubell Family. The RFC is a museum-size collection of contemporary works dating back to 1960 housed in a converted 45,000-square-foot former Drug Enforcement Agency (D.E.A.) confiscated-goods warehouse. The Bas exhibit opened in early December 2007 to coincide with the movement of collectors and[…..]