April, 2008

Cash Brown

Appropriate, a recent collection of works by Sydney artist, Cash Brown is currently on display at Robin Gibson Gallery, Darlinghurst. The exhibition is comprised of various works on canvas which appropriate Gustave Courbet’s infamous vaginal painting Origin of the World, 1866. While utilizing this image as a central source of inspiration, Brown has also incorporated influences from other western artists, painting Courbet’s figure in the[…..]

Kate Schermerhorn

Kate Schermerhorn was born in 1966 and raised in Malibu, California where she began taking photographs at age six. She studied with Joel Sternfeld at Sarah Lawrence College and graduated in 1989. She has traveled extensively, having lived and worked in New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Florence, and London. However, her work displays distinct West-Coast elements. Schermerhorn incorporates imagery from the entertainment world and[…..]

Color Chart

The Museum of Modern Art‘s current exhibition is a chromatic extravaganza. Color Chart includes an impressive span of artists, from ready-made deity Marcel Duchamp to young digital artist Cory Arcangel. Ann Temkin, who was appointed Department of Painting and Sculpture Curator at MoMA in 2003, is a curator with a penchant for early appropriation artists and seductive, culturally resonant mark-making. Temkin organized Color Chart, trying[…..]

Phantom Sightings

Phantom Sightings: Art after the Chicano Movement is a breakthrough exhibition for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Despite the heavy Latino and Chicano population in Southern California, LACMA has never before featured the Chicano art movement. Organized by filmmaker and curator Rita Gonzales, LACMA’s Contemporary art curator Howard Fox, and LACMA’s adjunct curator of Latino and Chicano Art Chon Noriega, the show attempts[…..]

Robert Knoth

An evocative collection of works by Dutch photo-journalist, Robert Knoth is currently on show at The Australian Centre for Photography, Paddington. Entitled Certificate no. 000358/ Nuclear Devastation in the Former Soviet Union, this display highlights the devastating consequences of radiation, by photographing the affected victims. Case studies include the Patuchenko sisters who both suffer from brain tumours, Vadim Kuleshov- an eight year old mentally retarded[…..]

Body Language

ZHANG Huan Untitled 1/2 1998 type C photograph Private collection, Melbourne. Copyright Zhang Huan Coinciding with the politically fueled Beijing Olympics, Body Language: Contemporary Chinese Photography is currently on show at The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. A collaborative exhibition consisting of works by seven Chinese artists, Body Language focuses on the human form while fusing contemporary art forms with traditional iconography, representing China’s changing[…..]


SpY is an urban interventionist working in Madrid. His artistic practices range from interventions to objects, films, and urban furniture. His works include placing brown bags, black hats, and buckets over public statues across the city. SpY fabricates quizzical objects such as a lamp made out of an orange cone and a Rubik’s cube with all white squares subtitled For the Lazy Person. Red Nose[…..]