Landon Wiggs


Landon Wiggs works with cultural paraphernalia, incorporating signs, text, and flashing lights into new contexts in the form of sculptures and collages. He plays with certain formal characteristics of his media like symmetry and repetition as well as with the semiotics and connotation of words. In each of his works, a sense of the familiar is perceived, but distorted to develop narratives based on each individul’s own cultural associations and understandings.

Landon’s skills in manipulating and repurposing pre-existing everyday imagery can be seen in one of his past public projects. In 2006, he altered the text on an American Apparel bench advertisement (well known for their provocative nature) in front of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to read “ReAppear in lacmA.” The project remained undisturbed for weeks as cleanup crews removed various stickers and graffiti tags around the bench. American Apparel later removed all bench advertisements in the area, thus ending the subversive public project.

Earlier this year, Landon exhibited with Adrian Paules at Jail Gallery in the show Educated Dreamer. Both artists received their M.F.A.s from Yale University in 2003 and currently share a studio building in Los Angeles. Landon has also been featured online by Beautiful/Decay Magazine.