Grant Barnhart


Grant Barnhart, a previous DailyServing interviewee, is preparing for an upcoming exhibition entitled “Spread Eagle,” on view from May 2nd – May 31st at Leslie’s Art Gallery in Luxembourg. This will be the Seattle-based artist’s first European exhibition. Barnhart investigates American archetypes of masculinity and heroism through wit and tounge-in-cheek humor. For his upcoming show, the artist will be using the images of cowboys and football players in absurdly vibrate color-field backgrounds. The newer metaphors of masculinity such as football players and cowboys are coupled with the artist’s previous imagery such as urinating tanks. Together the images offer a glimpse into contemporary American culture and humorously sheds light on the current aggressive and confrontational nature of the U.S. Barnhart uses humor to disarm the viewer and allow for reflection on the American identity. Barnhart is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art & Design and is currently represented by OKOK Gallery in Seattle. The artist has a forth coming exhibitions with OKOK in 2008 and under their new gallery name Ambach & Rice in 2009.