Asja Jung


For the first solo exhibition in a season-long multidisciplinary program called The Proper Animal at Black & White Gallery in New York, painter Asja Jung presents Mating Season, a series of humanoid apes set in highly ornate environments. The purpose and actions of the figures are ambiguous, but the intense gaze of the animal captures our attention. The subject stands alone in the elaborate surroundings, both confronting and confusing the viewer, causing us to ponder it’s purpose. Jung’s original iconography raises ethical questions surrounding the human-animal relationship. Several of her canvases are 96×40 inches, thus addressing us at our own human scale. Jung has previously exhibited at the Gedock Art Gallery in Hamburg, Gallery Reich in Cologne, and Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery in Chelsea. She has also done several independent painting projects in the streets of Cologne. Last year, she was a centerfold in the online art magazine Perfect 8.

In Germany, Asja Jung completed a Study of Preparation of Cadavers for Scientific and Medical Studies at the University of Bochum and in pathologies, morgues, and museums in the area as well as in Munich and Berlin. She then began Art Studies at the Muthesius Hochschule in Kiel, Germany. She describes her subject matter as “in between the world of Bosch and Gruenewald creatures and science fiction movie aliens”.