Women in the City

Barbara Kruger, Cindy Sherman, Jenny Holzer and Louise Lawler have joined forces in a viral public art project. Since early February, the artists have been disseminating art work throughout Los Angeles – Kruger and Sherman via billboards, Holzer via posters, zip screens and stickers, and Lawler via sound and broadcasts. The above video shows Holzer’s zip screen “Truisms” as it loops at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue.

The multi-location, multi-media exhibition, titled “Women in the City,” was arranged to coincide with the opening of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum and is being sponsored by the Broad Art Foundation, the Pasadena Arts Council, and the Francois Pinault Foundation. Work by Holzer, Kruger, and Sherman is currently on display at the Broad Contemporary, and all four contributing artists have been influential art world figures since the 1980s. Emi Fontana, who curated “Women in the City,” is the organizer of West of Rome, a project that supports art work that engages the city and the public. “Women in the City” re-envisions the ways in which Kruger, Sherman, Holzer and Lawler engaged social and political spaces in their work, literally putting their work into prominent urban locations.