Rocky Schenck

Rocky Schenck, courtesy of M+B

Rocky Schenck’s first solo exhibition at M+B Gallery in Beverly Hills features eerie Los Angeles inspired photographs. Schenck’s highly composed and manipulated images evoke the haziness of blurred vision. His photographs of Hollywood interior and palm trees have the feeling of films stills that have been intentionally distorted, evidencing the interactions between his dual interests in film and still photography. A self-taught artist, Schenk withdrew from college as a young man in order to move from Texas to Los Angeles, where he hoped to become involved in the filmmaking world. His venture eventually paid off, as he now has a thriving career as an artist.

In addition to M+B Gallery, Schenck has also shown at Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago, Stephen Clark Gallery in Austin and Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta. His monograph, Rocky Schenck: Photographs was published by University of Texas Press in 2003. John Berendt, who wrote the foreword, is the novelist who authored The City of Falling Angels and Midnight in the Garden of Food and Evil: A Savannah Story. Schenck’s work has also been featured in Artweek, Aperture, and Art in America. This current show at M+B Gallery will continue through March 1st.