Rachel Mason


Rachel Mason’s solo show at Circus Gallery is certainly timely. The Candidate includes a slew of dumb-fisted charcoal, ink and pastel renderings of politicians. The drawings span the gallery walls and Mason has installed mock podiums around the space. Arms protrude from the podiums, grasping microphones and suggesting the podiums might double for politician’s bodies. Circus Gallery is appropriately taking advantage of The Candidate’s timeliness, hosting a February 2nd speech by candidate Mike Gravel and a February 5th viewing of the media’s primary coverage.

Rachel Mason received her MFA from Yale School of Art in 2004 and her BFA from University of California Los Angeles in 2001. It’s only taken her three years to become an internationally known artist and she showed or performed extensively in 2007, exhibiting at Newman-Popiashvili Gallery in New York and The Henry Art Gallery in Seattle among other venues. Mason’s projects tend to have an interactively political overtone, and she is currently maintaining a campaign journal that tracks the 2007/2008 primaries. Presented in a news-like page format, Mason’s journal is no where near as dry as it appears. Instead, she makes colorful, biting observations that call into question the behind-the-scenes aspect of politics. The Candidate runs through February 16th.