No Wonderland in Winter


No Wonderland in Winter at A.M. Richard Fine Art is a multi-media group exhibition with work by Joel Adas, Vanina Feldsztein, Andrew Garn, Jillian Mcdonald, Sacha Mallon, Stephen Mallon, Michelle Sholtis and Jessica Weiss. The theme of the exhibition, landscape and snow, was conceived on the conviction that winter is a time of desolation, decay, isolation. The eight artists presented all work in distinct mediums – be it paint, computer animation, line drawing, and photography.

Small and intimate, Joel Adas’ paintings offer glimpses of a hinted larger expanse of scenery, while Vanina Feldsztein eerily captures man-made, artificial winterscape sets and maquettes in her photographs. “Night Snow Flake and Tree,” Andrew Garn’s quasi scientific slide view of magnified snowflakes, morphs the familiar into an otherworldly abstract rendering, and conceptual situations in an artic landscape are communicated through the inter-active electronic language of Jillian Mcdonald’s “Snow Stories.” The artist uses appropriated and original film clips, images, animation, and sound to translate the viewer’s written story into a visual narrative.

No Wonderland in Winter is on display at A.M.Richard Fine Art until February 17th.