Michel Gondry


Artist and filmmaker Michel Gondry will open a new exhibition this week at

Deitch Projects in NYC to correspond with his new film; both titled “Be Kind Rewind.” After one of the characters in the film accidentally gets his brain magnetized by a local power plant, he visits the video store of his friend and unknowingly erases all of the videotapes in the store’s inventory. The characters then decide to make their own homemade versions of popular films in a junkyard behind the store. For the exhibition, Gondry will recreate the video store in the gallery, complete with a variety of movie sets for viewers to participate with and actually recreate the films themselves. Each video is recorded and screened in the gallery. This exhibition is the artist’s second with Deitch and precedes the exhibition “Science of Sleep” which premiered with his film of the same title.

Gondry began to gain attention as a student of graphics in France while creating short videos for his band. In 1993, the artist directed the singer/songwriter Bjork‘s music video “Human Behavior,” which won him countless music video awards. Since, Gondry has directed videos for artists including The White Stripes, Beck and Daft Punk and has directed three major motion pictures including, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “Science of Sleep.”