Lizabeth Eva Rossof


Currently exhibiting at Pitzer College Art Galleries in Claremont, California until March 22nd is alumna Lizabeth Eva Rossof ’95. The artist is most well known for her bold series,”1,000 Words For Bush”, in which Rossof imitates Apple’s infectious advertising campaign consisting of candy colored posters with dancing silhouettes. Instead of dancers with iPods, she injects silhouettes of the President accompanied by one-word public reactions to his image such as “iTerrorist”, “iUh-Oh”, and “iFear”. Rossof has placed these posters in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, revealing an interest in using the machinery of the media to question identity and personal perceptions of others.

As a traveling artist who does not own a home, the concept of domesticity is also of interest in her work. In Grassification, Rossof comically attempts to merge two American obsessions, the road trip (a symbol of freedom) and the perfect lawn (a symbol of domesticity), by caring for a 2’x4′ plot of portable grass on her travels. The grass is photographed sun-bathing with Rossof, having coffee with her friends, and window-shopping. The artist has previously exhibited at the UC Santa Cruz’s Sesnon Gallery, West Space Gallery in Melbourne, and the Pulse Miami Contemporary Art Fair 2007.