James Casebere

Restricting oneself to the exploration of “Interiors” could seem a bit stifling. But the current exhibition at gallery “Fifty One” demonstrates how much room one can force into a confined idea. It can certainly help when you bring together a group of internationally acclaimed artists.

The limitless expansiveness of Interiors is clearly addressed in the work of Claudia Hoffer, Andreas Gursky, and Karl Hugo Schmolz. Interiors can be cleaned up, sterilized and sanitized as evidenced in the work of Kate Schermerhorn, or you can use the interior to reflect what’s outside, witnessed by the inverted camera obscura of Abelardo Morell.

But things get most interesting when we focus on the inner light, as in the work of Matthew Pillsbury. While the world outside is bright and light, it’s the inner glow that focuses our attention. It’s that same inner warmth that James Casebere focuses on, having pioneered the field of the constructed photograph. Casebere who graduated from California Institute of the Arts in 1979, here presents us with a zen like prison. Clearly illustrating that before we can venture out we must build an inner peace, only then are we able to explore the potential that lies before us.

“Interiors” 24 January – March 8