Italian artist Blu has developed an international reputation for his signature public wall paintings. His work stems from a strong interest in drawing, which has been influenced by graffiti and street art. Recently, Blu has created a series of wall drawing/animations through stop motion photography that allow his characters to come to life and interact with themselves. Just a few months ago the artist traveled to Bethlehem with fellow artists including Banksy, Sam3, and Paul Insect to work on an the exhibition titled “Santa’s Ghetto.” For the show, the artists rented an old fast-food restaurant and presented and sold a mix of western and Palestinian artist’s works to raise more than a million dollars for local charities. Blu has painted walls in almost every continent in the world and is currently represented by the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in the U.S. and Lazarides Gallery in London. Swindle Magazine featured the artist in their final issue of 2007.