Raymond Taudin Chabot


For their first exhibition in 2008, 2x2projects in Amsterdam will present a new video and recent artist book by Raymond Taudin Chabot. The artist’s new video “That Place” is a continuation of an interest in the qualities of power and how they are conveyed through the facial expressions and gestures of the important person. In the video, a well-dressed stereotypical businessman man is shown riding in a car through a non-descript industrial site, completely immersed in his own thoughts and problems. Chabot’s work analyzes power structures through both the ideas of psychological and physical dependence as defined through the male gender. A recent graduate of Goldsmiths Department of Visual Art, Chabot released an artist book Cast (part 4) published by Roma Publications that contains a collection of appropriated media imagery that depict men of power in different contexts. The artist currently lives and works in London and has exhibited internationally with upcoming shows at the Centre of Contemporary Arts M’ars, Moscow and Passage, Mechelen, Belgium.