Rachel Agnew and Lieven Segers


Currently on view at Antwerp’s newest gallery, Base-Alpha, are two solo shows by the young Antwerp artists Rachel Agnew and Lieven Segers. Seeking to break open the Antwerp art sceane, Base-Alpha will be presenting young unknown talent that have previously not found a place in the hermetic Belgian art scene. Run by, Captain: Bart Vanderbiesen and 1st Commander: Geoffrey de Beer II, the reining look at this gallery is a sort of Futuristic Adrenalized Post Punk.

In this, her first solo gallery exhibition Rachel Agnew presents large scale paintings that sarcastically celebrate abundance. Be it credit cards, cash or beauty, these self portraits relish in excess, but their crude making under cuts her belief in this system. While seductive and repulsive at the same time, they ask us to question our involvement in the selfish capitalist system.

Having received his MFA from Post Sint Joost, Breda (Holland) in 2001, Lieven Segers has previously exposed at De Brakke Grond and Stella Lohaus Gallery. Segers takes this opportunity to show a wide range of graffiti influenced, text based works. Directly addressing the anxieties that are a common component in contemporary life. His is a whimsical attempt to find a way out, in our desperate times.

Rachel Agnew “Collateral Damage” and Lieven Segers “Blow-ups and Other Things” December 15, – January 28, 2008 at Base-Alpha, Antwerp, Belgium