Pine & Woods


The American Typologies, an exhibition of found vintage photographs, opens January 5th at D3 Projects in Santa Monica, CA. Artists and collectors Gail Pine and Jacqueline Woods have been working collaboratively for the past decade, composing thematic “typologies” of 20th Century America. Pine and Woods have exhibited in Close to Home at The Getty and their work also belongs to corporate collections.

Since D3 Projects, which opened in June of 2007, is a venue that promotes interactive and community-friendly work, The American Typologies has found a fitting home. Pine’s and Woods’ composites of vernacular photographs have everything to do with history, memory and re-discovery. The artists spend hours sifting through the abandoned photographs they find at thrift stores or flea markets; their composites are thus carefully orchestrated preservations of shared histories. Pine and Woods openly reference artists Bernd and Hilla Becher, whose well-known photographs of water towers documented an era of construction, and German photographer August Sander, who ambitiously sought to document the people of the 20th Century. The American Typologies is likewise an attempt to document the cultural temperament of a century and it will remain on view through February 23rd.