January, 2008

Phillip Toledano

Art director turned professional commercial and editorial photographer Phillip Toledano turns out personal projects that get picked up left and right. His newest body of work titled “HOPE&FEAR” is no exception to the rule that he has created for himself. “HOPE&FEAR” is the physical manifestation of the desires and paranoias that are adrift in american society today. The suits are our dreams and nightmares made[…..]

u = ____ [a photographic group show]

Fette’s Gallery in Los Angeles’ Culver City asked artists to take a new approach to self-portraiture. Fette’s has invited 25 artists to use a self-portrait to represent someone else. The quirky and provocative results of the project will be exhibited from January 11th through February 8th. The exhibition, titled u=____, includes the work of an impressive span of internationally acclaimed artists. French photographer Raphael Neal,[…..]

Pine & Woods

The American Typologies, an exhibition of found vintage photographs, opens January 5th at D3 Projects in Santa Monica, CA. Artists and collectors Gail Pine and Jacqueline Woods have been working collaboratively for the past decade, composing thematic “typologies” of 20th Century America. Pine and Woods have exhibited in Close to Home at The Getty and their work also belongs to corporate collections. Since D3 Projects,[…..]

Raymond Taudin Chabot

For their first exhibition in 2008, 2x2projects in Amsterdam will present a new video and recent artist book by Raymond Taudin Chabot. The artist’s new video “That Place” is a continuation of an interest in the qualities of power and how they are conveyed through the facial expressions and gestures of the important person. In the video, a well-dressed stereotypical businessman man is shown riding[…..]

You Are Not Here, You Are Still There and Think You Are Here

High Energy Constructs in Los Angeles’ Chinatown currently features a compelling exhibition of work by three young LA artists. You are not here, you are still there and think you are here is a persuasive hybrid of futuristic optimism and intensely felt ennui. The competent craftsmanship of Christian Cummings, Michael Decker and Marie Johnston is contrasted by the artists’ psychedelic color schemes and faux-kitsch materials,[…..]

Rachel Agnew and Lieven Segers

Currently on view at Antwerp’s newest gallery, Base-Alpha, are two solo shows by the young Antwerp artists Rachel Agnew and Lieven Segers. Seeking to break open the Antwerp art sceane, Base-Alpha will be presenting young unknown talent that have previously not found a place in the hermetic Belgian art scene. Run by, Captain: Bart Vanderbiesen and 1st Commander: Geoffrey de Beer II, the reining look[…..]

Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy has used Belgium to stage the largest presentation of his work to date, with over lapping exhibitions, first at Middelheim Sculpture Park, in Antwerp, and now currently showing at S.M.A.K. (Stedelijk Museum Actuele Kunst) in Gent. This seminal Los Angeles artist, after having toiled away in virtual obscurity for more than 30 years, first began showing at LA’s Rosemund Felsen Gallery, then burst[…..]