January, 2008

Khalif Kelly

Khalif Kelly’s first solo show at Thierry Goldberg Projects, “Recess,” will be on display from January 11-February 10. Kelly’s paintings depict African-American children playing with each other on playgrounds, alone and pensive, and in groups around props, such as tree houses and laundry lines. Kelly’s vivid palette, spatial flatness, and portrayal of African-American life call to mind the figurative work of Jacob Lawrence as well[…..]

Seth Koen

In an upcoming exhibition at the Gregory Lind Gallery in San Francisco, artist Seth Koen will present “Ellipsis,” opening next week and continuing through March 1st. Koen’s sculptures are minimal in their physical presence, humbly created out of crocheted yarn and modestly referencing domestic homemade craft. Yet the work speaks through the language of formal painting and contradicts its immediate associations by being rooted in[…..]

Tom Sachs

For his first major solo museum exhibition in the U.S., artist Tom Sachs presented “Logjam,” a series of objects and installations that reflect the mechanics of their own production and emphasize the process of their creation. The show was curated by Jeff Fleming, the Director of The Des Moines Art Center and was presented at Brandeis University’s Rose Art Museum last fall. The exhibition consisted[…..]

Matt McCormick

Artist and filmmaker Matt McCormick is a creator of short films, documentary and experimental videos that examine the American landscape both culturally and physically. The artist has completed projects such as “The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal” which makes the observation that the process of removing or “buffing” graffiti by painting over it unknowingly produces new forms of artistic creation. Opening next week at Seattle[…..]

Peter Hutchinson

Opening January 11th at Freight and Volume Gallery in New York City will be the work of British Artist Peter Hutchinson in his latest exhibition “Constructions and Collages.” The artist, who is now approaching 80 years old, has remained a prominent figure through the many stages of his career, including conceptual art in the 1960’s and more narrative forms of art making in the 1970’s.[…..]

Aaron Maximillian Gleason

Petra Projects is the work of young curator Anastasia Rogers and has been presenting exhibitions in the New York area since 2006. On a rotating schedule of quarterly exhibitions Rogers presents emerging and mid-career artists from NYC and beyond. For her first show of the year, Petra Projects will present “These Wounds Will Beckon the Flood,” by painter Aaron Maximillian Gleason, to be held at[…..]

Package Deals

Package Deals is an international artist film series program that explores artist videos through a site specific curatorial approach. Fueled by the work of Kelly Shindler and Deirdre Corley, Package Deals has explored a vast range of artist video selected from Iceland, Sweden and other Scandinavian and North American cultural sites. These video “packages” then travel around the world to locations such as Hong Kong,[…..]