Jim Shaw


Jim Shaw’s “Dr. Goldfoot and his Bikini Bombs” at Metro Pictures re-opened January 4th with the addition of many new works. The original exhibition of paintings, drawings, and sculpture, on view since November 30 has doubled in size with the addition of Shaw’s previously self-edited work. Included in the show are Shaw’s series of “Dream Objects” that use sculptural forms of human body parts. Also on display are giant sculptures of half heads and noses, as well as a monumental 11×15 foot painting that merges a self portrait of the artist with one of Vincent Price.

During the initial installation in November, Shaw edited works he deemed as unresolved, undesirable or noncommercial. His vision of a “traditional” gallery exhibition is placed aside in the second half of the show as he vulnerably exposes these “unfinished” pieces, illustrating the ongoing artistic practice.

Jim Shaw has exhibited widely in the US and internationally since the late 1980s. Among his previous series are “My Mirage” (1985-1990) which follows the experiences of a fictional boy named Billy as he grows up during the 60s and 70s; “Dream Drawings” and “Dream Objects,” (1991-present) featuring recreated imagery and art objects from the artist’s dreams; and works defining the evolution, dogmas and rites of his fictitious religion “Oism” (2000 to present).

Recent solo shows include PS1, New York (“The Donner Party”); Magasin Center of Contemporary Art, Grenoble; and Kunsthaus Glarus, Switzerland.