Donald Urquhart


Multi-talented artist Donald Urquhart is currently showing stylized paintings, drawings and mixed media at Jack Hanley Gallery in LA. Urquhart devised the exhibition, titled The End, to be a farewell to the past and the included work feels like a montage of 20th Century iconography. Urquhart, who fell in with the infamous performer Leigh Bowery in the 1980s, became an intricate part of London’s campy nightclub scene, collaborating with Bowery and even co-running a club called The Beautiful Bend. As Urquhart suggests in his writing on Bowery, the flashiness of the nightclub life influenced his stylized aesthetic. Urquhart’s work was included in the Saatchi Gallery’s Unreal: Altered Perspectives in Painting and in Beck’s Futures at the ICA in London. His recent solo show at Maureen Paley Gallery in New York included multiple renderings of girls and his 2006 exhibition at Herald Street Gallery in New York also featured girl-centric imagery, broaching everything from school girl play to pin-up girl glamor. The End at Jack Hanley Gallery will remain on view through February 12th.