Close Calls: 2008


For their first exhibition of 2008, Headlands Center for the Arts is presenting work by 45 of the Bay Area’s best emerging visual artists in an exhibition titled Close Calls: 2008. Included in the show is Joshua Hagler, image above, as well as Tournesol finalists Bianca Kolonusz-Partee and Kristine Branscomb-Fitzgerald. This is the sixth annual exhibition that takes place this time each year while the Headlands Residency program is not in session. The exhibition is split between two project spaces, each featuring work linked by conceptual approach. In the Eastwing space, viewers will find work that confronts the artist’s physical environment such as the natural landscape and architectural structures, while the Westwing contains work that engages the artist’s social environment such as family, urban community as well as larger global networks. In an essay for the exhibition, written by Headlands Program Director Anu Vikram, the work is described as being conceptually split by nature vs. nurture. The scope of the media explored in the exhibition is far reaching with varied approaches and results, and well represents the diversity currently taking place in the Bay Area.