January, 2008

Chris Anthony

“I’m The Most Normal Person I Know” is the title of a new exhibition featuring the photographs of Los Angeles-based artist Chris Anthony. This exhibition, which is on view at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, is the second solo show for the artist and the gallery. For the show, Anthony created a series of images that are based on childhood dreams and manifest[…..]

Virginie Morillo

Swiss artist Virginie Morillo is having her debut solo exhibition in Zurich with Galerie Mitterrand + Sanz this week. The show, which is on view through the first week of March, has come after the young artist received much acclaim for her participation in the group exhibition “Swiss Folks,” and her solo exhibition at Galerie Edward Mitterrand in Geneva, Switzerland. Morillo often renders Disney characters[…..]

Steve Gullick

On view through next week at Steve Gullick.” The exhibition features over 30 rare, never exhibited before photographs of famous musicians shot over the past two decades. The London-based photographer has worked with groups such as Nirvana, the Flaming Lips, Elliot Smith and Bjork, capturing unique and insightful moments from these artist’s lives. Gullick’s photographic interests are rooted in over 20 years of the UK[…..]

Carol Bove

The Whitney Museum of American Art has recently announced artists for the 2008 Whitney Biennial, taking place March 6-June 1. Of the 81 participants, installation artist Carol Bove has been selected in addition to Rita Ackerman, Oliver Mosset, and Spike Lee. Bove has gained attention for what she calls “forced collaborations” with other artists. In a recent solo exhibition at Maccarone Gallery in New York,[…..]

Donald Urquhart

Multi-talented artist Donald Urquhart is currently showing stylized paintings, drawings and mixed media at Jack Hanley Gallery in LA. Urquhart devised the exhibition, titled The End, to be a farewell to the past and the included work feels like a montage of 20th Century iconography. Urquhart, who fell in with the infamous performer Leigh Bowery in the 1980s, became an intricate part of London’s campy[…..]

Close Calls: 2008

For their first exhibition of 2008, Headlands Center for the Arts is presenting work by 45 of the Bay Area’s best emerging visual artists in an exhibition titled Close Calls: 2008. Included in the show is Joshua Hagler, image above, as well as Tournesol finalists Bianca Kolonusz-Partee and Kristine Branscomb-Fitzgerald. This is the sixth annual exhibition that takes place this time each year while the[…..]

Physical Keepsakes: Y.Z. Kami and Sally Mann at Gagosian

In her tender novella Tumble Home, Amy Hempel wonders what drives us to preserve parts of our lives. She recounts a disturbing yet endearing news clip, a clip that has an uncanny resemblance to the exhibitions currently hanging in Gagosian’s Beverly Hills Gallery: “A woman in West Virginia carried her unborn baby for more than forty years. It calcified outside the uterine wall. When questioned[…..]