Undone: Tim Holmes, Tony Matelli, Eileen Quinlan, Heather Rowe


The Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria‘s current exhibit, “Undone,” features artists Tim Holmes, Tony Matelli, Eileen Quinlan, and Heather Rowe. Each artist was commissioned to create a piece for the show in which identity, space, or form is defined by its own fragmented, unfinished, or unraveling condition. Hyper-realistic bronze weeds by Toni Matelli sprout from corners in the gallery, as if they were attempting to overtake the gallery and undo the white box environment. Architecturally driven artist Heather Rowe has created an architectural screen that at once uses and deconstructs the corporate surroundings of the 5,200 square-foot Sculpture Court. Eileen Quinlan produced photographs of smoke reflected in broken mirrors, and artist Tom Holmes constructed photo sculptural works that alter and distort the medium as a metaphor for the fracturing of identity as a contemporary condition.

Four exhibitions are organized annually in the 900-square-foot gallery, with an emphasis on solo exhibitions by contemporary living artists. Each year, one or two projects are also presented in the Sculpture Court, a glass-enclosed atrium with public seating and an espresso bar. Lunchtime gallery tours are offered every Wednesday and Friday at 1 pm.