The Sundowners


The Happy Lion Gallery, located in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, is currently presenting a collaborative exhibition titled The Sundowners. Six emerging LA artists, Seann Brackin, Naomi Buckley, Spencer Douglass, Aragna Ker, Candace Lin, and Maeghan Reid participate in the exhibition, grappling with the terrain of history, memory and illusion. Performance artist Anna Oxygen also contributed to the show, performing at the opening on November 10th. Candice Lin received her MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute, but each of the other artists received an MFA from Claremont Graduate University. The exhibition’s title is intricately related to its theme; the word “sundowner” refers to a vagrant or nomad and the art at The Happy Lion has a nomadic, searching quality. The Sundowners is a both foreboding and tender grouping of work: Ker’s sculls and Lin’s psychological portraits of young women contrast with Buckley’s nostalgic sculptural assemblages and Reid’s urban portraits. While each artist takes a distinctly different approach to image making, each uses unconventional materials, like duct tape, matchsticks, pushpins, or magnifying glasses, to create illusionistic landscapes. The Sundowners will continue through December 22.