December, 2007

Alber Oehlen

Alber Oehlen, a German artist who currently lives and works in Bizkaia, Spain has been on the international radar for decades as a provocative painter. The artist studied with Sigmar Polke in the mid-seventies at Hochschule fur Bildende Kunst, Hamburg and emerged in the 1980’s along side artist Martin Kippenberger. Oehlen challenges painting today by rigorously investigating and referencing historical painting from many periods, simultaneously.[…..]

The Sundowners

The Happy Lion Gallery, located in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, is currently presenting a collaborative exhibition titled The Sundowners. Six emerging LA artists, Seann Brackin, Naomi Buckley, Spencer Douglass, Aragna Ker, Candace Lin, and Maeghan Reid participate in the exhibition, grappling with the terrain of history, memory and illusion. Performance artist Anna Oxygen also contributed to the show, performing at the opening on November 10th. Candice[…..]

Kaye Donachie

Glasgow-born painter Kaye Donachie bases her work on found imagery and film footage of rebellious members of counter-culture groups. The work directly confronts power structures and the dynamics of social groups to reveal patterns found in cultural references that have become a part of a collective consciousness. The artist also manipulates these references so that they operate as a narrative, building connections between the past[…..]

"Spinning Yarns with Mark Mothersbaugh"

Recently on view in the Scion Installation art space in Culver City’s Arts District in Los Angeles were works by Mark Mothersbaugh. The new 4500 square ft. warehouse space held Mothersbaugh’s custom-printed rugs in an exhibition titled “Rugs During Wartime and Peacetime.” Mothersbaugh recent spoke about his new works, time with the band DEVO, and making art today with ex-fashion & textile designer-turned-gallery owner; Freddi[…..]

Jorge Mendes

Brazilian artist Jorge Mendes has created a group of work titled “Tide” for the Dennis Anderson Gallery, Belgium. It took place on the Saint Annake Strand, on Antwerps Linkerover, where the tide rose so high that part of the work was blown across the Schelde and landed in the gallery. What’s left of the work will be on view in the gallery until Jan 19.[…..]

Shauna Born

Young Toronto-based painter Shauna Born has gained critical acclaim for her figurative paintings which intimately feature the artist’s friends and acquaintances. Her quietly composed works focus mainly on the humanistic and expressive qualities of her subject’s face and hands. Born renders each character with great painterly attention, formally constructing the surface to reveal a ghostly quality. Through these works, the artist is able to explore[…..]

One Small Step for Mankind

Now showing at the Defiance Gallery, Newtown is an exhibition in tribute to the life of sculptor, Ian McKay (1936-2007). McKay was a prominent influence in Australian sculpture, with a career spanning almost 50 years. He studied at the National Art School, Sydney and later at the St. Martin’s School of Art, London after traveling to Europe in the early1960s. The exhibition, “One Small Step[…..]