Andrea Zittel

Andrea Zittel-12-27-07.jpg

Artist Andrea Zittel held a holiday smock sale in Los Angeles last weekend. Her handmade, double wrap-around garments were available at Regen Projects on December 15th and at Young Art on December 16th. The smocks, meant to be attractive, utilitarian, and economical, are designed by Zittel but hand-sewn by collaborating artists. Zittel, who enterprises the A-Z Institute for Daily Living, has spent the last decade blurring the boundaries between daily life and artmaking. Most of her sculptures and works with fabric have both utilitarian and conceptual purposes. The A-Z Institute produces furniture and clothing, like the 8x5x7 ft living units meant to provide for a person’s every physical need and the seasonal uniforms that can be worn every day for months at a time. These functional works ideally make life more manageable and aesthetically pleasing for individuals while also ensuring that people have adequate personal space. Zittel, who is primarily represented by Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York and Regen Projects in LA, plans to open a smockshop in LA’s Chinatown sometime next year.