Alison Jackson


M+B Gallery in West Hollywood is currently presenting Alison Jackson: Confidential. Alison Jackson, known for her unnerving depictions of celebrity look-alikes, has never before shown in the Los Angeles area. Confidential features charged photographs of public figures, often politicians or pop-culture icons depicted in less-than-flattering poses. Though Jackson uses ‘look-alikes’ rather than real-life celebrities, her photographic fictions closely resemble the figures they satirize. At first glance, Bush seems to be playing with a rubick’s cube in the oval office, Bill Gates seems to be happily dancing around with his ipod, and Halle Berry seems to be intently painting her Oscar black. Jackson wants her audience to see what they imagine before they recognize the images as fictional. The artist, a graduate of London’s Royal Academy of Art, gained notoriety when she staged a photo of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed fondling a mixed-race love child. Since then, Jackson has won a BAFTA for her work on the BBC Two series Doubletake and has also directed a film about Tony Blair, titled Blaired Vision. The exhibition at M+B runs from December 15th through Janurary 26th and will be accompanied by a monograph published by Taschen.