December, 2007

Rose Hartman and Holger Keifel

The current exhibition at Dean Project, “Guys & Dolls: Seeing Stars”, is a two-person exhibition of photographs by Rose Hartman and Holger Keifel that juxtaposes revealing moments of boxing personalities with those of social celebrities. Dating from the 1970’s through today, Rose Hartman and Holger Keifel’s photographs include world known figures, such as Jackie O, Donatella Versace, Naomi Campbell, Oscar de la Hoya, Evander Holyfield,[…..]

Undone: Tim Holmes, Tony Matelli, Eileen Quinlan, Heather Rowe

The Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria‘s current exhibit, “Undone,” features artists Tim Holmes, Tony Matelli, Eileen Quinlan, and Heather Rowe. Each artist was commissioned to create a piece for the show in which identity, space, or form is defined by its own fragmented, unfinished, or unraveling condition. Hyper-realistic bronze weeds by Toni Matelli sprout from corners in the gallery, as if they were[…..]

Ross Bleckner

Artist Ross Bleckner recently exhibited a series of new paintings at the Mary Boone Gallery Chelsea location. Bleckner employs a series of leaf-and-vine pattern in each of the works which optically seems to hover over the painting surface. The “Meditation” paints reference spiritual imagery such as mandalas. The paintings, which use both symbolic and organic forms simultaneously, operate on both a formal and conceptual platform.[…..]

Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz

For its first exhibition opening in 2008 gallery PPOW in New York City will present “Islands,” its seventh exhibitions featuring the collaborative works of Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz. For their recent body of work the two artists have created a series of fictional wintry island landscapes which are inhabited by small communities of people. It appears in the works that most of the planet[…..]

Paul "Presser" Towner

The Annandale hotel, one of Sydney’s most popular live music venues converted their unused top level into an art space to host Dead Galaxy, an exhibition of collage works by Paul “Presser” Towner, drummer from Sydney band, Gerling. The band formed in 1993, with a music career spanning almost fifteen years and four studio albums, their success has included an international tour, performances alongside burlesque[…..]

Andrea Zittel

Artist Andrea Zittel held a holiday smock sale in Los Angeles last weekend. Her handmade, double wrap-around garments were available at Regen Projects on December 15th and at Young Art on December 16th. The smocks, meant to be attractive, utilitarian, and economical, are designed by Zittel but hand-sewn by collaborating artists. Zittel, who enterprises the A-Z Institute for Daily Living, has spent the last decade[…..]

Alison Jackson

M+B Gallery in West Hollywood is currently presenting Alison Jackson: Confidential. Alison Jackson, known for her unnerving depictions of celebrity look-alikes, has never before shown in the Los Angeles area. Confidential features charged photographs of public figures, often politicians or pop-culture icons depicted in less-than-flattering poses. Though Jackson uses ‘look-alikes’ rather than real-life celebrities, her photographic fictions closely resemble the figures they satirize. At first[…..]