November, 2007

Slater Bradley

Slater Bradley’s second solo exhibition at Los Angeles’ Blum & Poe Gallery uses video, sculpture, and drawing to rephrase outmoded and forgotten histories. The exhibition, titled “Hope From a Dark Place,” began as a drawing project and grew into a multi-media collaboration. Since False Killer Whales, a species of dolphins, are highly trainable and have a tendency toward suicidal behavior, Bradley explored the idea of[…..]

Susanna Majuri

Opening at the end of this month is the exhibition “Saved with water,” by Finnish artist Susanna Majuri. Galerie Adler will present the work in Majuri’s first solo exhibition in New York. The artist’s photographs are rooted in narritive and usually depict an interaction between subject and landscape. When speaking of her work the artist has stated, “I follow the logic of colours when I[…..]

Figurative Pakistan

“Figurative Pakistan” is a new group exhibition scheduled to open this week at Aicon Gallery in London. The exhibition features the work of four prominent Pakistani artists, Ijaz ul Hassan, Ahmed Ali Manganhar, Sana Arjumand and Naiza Khan, whose work is pictured above. Collectively the group is able to address several of the social, national and political issues that have impacted Pakistan over the past[…..]

Diana Al-Hadid

Stepping into the Perry Rubenstein Gallery in New York City is a little like stumbling upon a musical shipwreck. Diana Al-Hadid has used plaster, fiberglass, wood, polystyrene, and cardboard to create a romantically ramshackled and dilapidated sculpture, “Record of a Mortal Universe,” which is based on the phenomenon of a hero’s collapse. Sourcing religion, architecture, and physics, Al-Hadid’s pointed and varied references unfold within the[…..]

Lauren Bon

Lauren Bon has turned Ace Gallery‘s large Wilshire space into an intensely sensorial experience, filling it with raw honey, earth, carcasses, bees, corn, cotton and wood. Bon conceived of the exhibition, “Bees and Meat,” as a sculptural symphony that joins decay and growth. In one small gallery, a lamb carcass hangs on the pole of a fountain that regurgitates slow streams of honey. In another[…..]

Liz Craft

Opening this evening at the Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York City will be the second solo exhibition of new sculpture by California-based artist Liz Craft. The show includes five large-scale all white, cube-based sculptures which contain surface reliefs, cut outs and protrusions. While at first glance these works seem to be rooted in a minimalist aesthetic, Craft continues to infuse subculture iconography in to[…..]

Wolfgang Tillmans

In his eighth solo exhibition with the Andrea Rosen Gallery in Los Angeles, German-artist Wolfgang Tillmans is currently presenting a new series of photographic images titled “Atair.” Tillmans continues his investigation in the nature of photography through the reinterpretation of portraits, still life and landscape imagery. Tillmans equally concerns himself with exhibition strategies that challenge traditional notions of display within a particular space. When speaking[…..]