Liz Craft


Opening this evening at the Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York City will be the second solo exhibition of new sculpture by California-based artist Liz Craft. The show includes five large-scale all white, cube-based sculptures which contain surface reliefs, cut outs and protrusions. While at first glance these works seem to be rooted in a minimalist aesthetic, Craft continues to infuse subculture iconography in to her works that references hippies, bikers and new age characteristics. The cubes double as architectural structures which house the other elements including Godzilla, palm trees, cushions, blooming vases, and floating figures. Craftsmanship is also a quality that is consistent through the artist’s work as she meticulously constructs each sculpture. Craft currently lives and works in Los Angeles, and has exhibited in the 2004 Whitney Biennial and “Eden’s Edge: Fifteen LA Artists” at the Hammer Museum in 2007. The artist also recently had her first monograph published by JRP Ringier/Halle fur Kunst which contains an introduction and interview by Bettina Steinbrugge, and essays by arts writer Bruce Hainley.