Lauren Bon


Lauren Bon has turned Ace Gallery‘s large Wilshire space into an intensely sensorial experience, filling it with raw honey, earth, carcasses, bees, corn, cotton and wood. Bon conceived of the exhibition, “Bees and Meat,” as a sculptural symphony that joins decay and growth. In one small gallery, a lamb carcass hangs on the pole of a fountain that regurgitates slow streams of honey. In another gallery, the walls are covered with stacks of bent wood, twine and cotton. A third gallery has been transformed into a majestic, knee-deep sea of corn kernels. Because of its scale, the exhibition took longer than expected to install. Initially scheduled to open on October 20th, it opened on October 27th and will run through January 20th. Lauren Bon, who lives and works in Los Angeles, has been making land-focused work since the early 1990s and she became known as the “Not a Cornfield” artist after she transformed 32 acres of Los Angeles’ industrial Brownfield into a cornfield in 2005. Bon graduated from Princeton in 1984 and received her Masters in Architecture from MIT in 1989. She has shown at the Freud Museum in London, the Santa Monica Museum in West Los Angeles, and Boston’s Miller Block Gallery.