Julie Rrap


Currently showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney is Julie Rrap‘s retrospective “Body Double“. Spanning the last 25 years of the artist’s career, this exhibition is an evocative exploration of the human body. With particular emphasis on the female form, Rrap’s photographic, sculptural, video and installation pieces explore issues of feminism and identity. Rrap uses herself as a key figure in many of the works, creating casts of her own body, photographing herself and even utilizing her own hair and bodily fluids. Appropriation is a tool widely used by Rrap as her early works include a photomontage of herself as Christ, while others include her own naked body fused with artworks created by the ‘great masters,’ such as Rembrandt and Munch. Rrap currently lives and works in Sydney. Her work has been displayed on a global scale, appearing within solo exhibitions at the Galerie Eric Franck, Switzerland and Ecole des Beaux Arts, France.