J.A. Zimmermann


Chicago-based artist J.A. Zimmermann creates massive outdoor paintings which reflect the communities and the built environment around the painting site. Zimmermann actively meets members of the Chicago community and represents them with an elevated and monumental stature. The artist has also become known for his small works which often depict vehicles such as ice cream trucks and police paddy wagons, as well as paintings of trash clumps which he has coined “urban tumble weeds.” Zimmerman received his BFA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and has completed numerous exhibitions and large-scale public paintings in the US, Puerto Rico, Kenya and Peru. In the summer of 2003, the artist presented “Dark Matter” an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Chicago, and 2006 he completed their artist in residency program with a 38′ x 15′ painting titled “Thinking Out Load.”