Girl Parade


Girl Parade” is a collaborative exhibition involving a series of international artists. The upcoming exhibition is to be held at the Australian Centre for Photography, Paddington, and will explore various experiences and issues involving women. Through the use of photography and video art practices, the artists delve into the fears of aging, bittersweet encounters with motherhood and female sexual desire. “>Belinda Mason‘s digitally altered inclusions reflect the artificial nature of woman’s obsession with beauty, while Pilar Mata Dupont & Tarryn Gill’s collaborative efforts focus on the use of pin-up girls as war propaganda. The exhibition also includes works by Japanese artist Tomoko Sawada, US Photographer Kelli Connell and German-Australian, Tatjana Plitt. The exhibition will be accompanied by “Twirling the Baton for Post, Post-Feminism,” a gallery talk given by some of the contributing artists and curator, Bec Dean.