Figurative Pakistan


“Figurative Pakistan” is a new group exhibition scheduled to open this week at Aicon Gallery in London. The exhibition features the work of four prominent Pakistani artists, Ijaz ul Hassan, Ahmed Ali Manganhar, Sana Arjumand and Naiza Khan, whose work is pictured above. Collectively the group is able to address several of the social, national and political issues that have impacted Pakistan over the past several decades. All of the artists, with the exception of Ijaz ul Hassan, are of the same generation. Hassan, born 1940, has made major contributions to the development of Pakistani contemporary art for this political works which in 1970 caused his arrest and solitary confinement. Naiza Khan, has exhibited worldwide, and continues to explore society’s view of woman and the female body through both Islamic and Western perspectives. Ahmed Ali Manganhar, has taken up the genre of “Company” painting, from the era of the East India Company, and Sana Arjumand investigates the role of religion vs. culture and what it means to be young, female and Pakistani today.