Don't Mess with Texas


“Don’t Mess with Texas” is a new exhibition on view at the Nathan Larramendy Gallery in Ojai, California. The show features the work of seven emergent Texas-based female artists including Amy Blakemore, Kelli Connell, Libby Black, Zoe Charlton, Virginia Fleck, Francesca Fuchs and Laura Lark. The exhibition aims to highlight Texas as a place of geographic isolation, while simultaneously investigating female identity through the region. Photographer Kelli Connell creates images that are constructed using Photoshop, utilizes herself as the primary subject and explores the idea of truth as she questions her own sexuality and gender role. Artist Libby Black makes life-size sculptures and paintings which she states examines “issues of class and expectations of perfections,” through brand-name luxury items constructed out of paper, paint and hot glue. The exhibition successfully represents a diverse look at the Lone Star state today through a multitude of artistic perspectives and media.