Dawn Kasper


Los Angeles artist Dawn Kasper is currently exhibiting a morbid series of photographs, Life and Death, at Hollywood’s Circus Gallery. The sleek photographs in the exhibition document performances in which Kasper compulsively enacts her own death. Kasper’s preoccupation with life’s temporality has led to a diverse span of mock deaths over the last three years: she has enacted her own impalement, choked herself, bled herself, and imagined her body’s decomposition. She staged a fatal car crash at Anna Helwing Gallery in 2004 and she was thrown out with the trash in a 2004 performance for Zurich’s Migros Museum. Life and Death is the first exhibition to show all the documentations of her gruesome performances in the same space. When seen together, the photographs each read as scenes in a surreal drama and the show’s glitzy, theatrical aura nicely accentuates Circus Gallery’s Hollywood locale. Kasper received her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1999 and graduated from UCLA’s MFA in New Genres program in 2003. Since then, she has shown in Los Angeles, New York and Zurich.