Adam Shecter


New York-based artist Adam Shecter is currently exhibiting new works in a show titled “Fables,” with David Castillo Gallery in Miami. The artist’s work is founded on misinterpretations of his visual and musical experiences and is manifested in both two dimensional and time-based media. Shecter creates work based on his misinterpretations of movies, shows, posters, television, pop songs, and other related media. What results as his work is an attempted resolution of these mis-readings. The formal qualities of the artist’s work, which are often animated or digitally produced, seem to reference pop culture, Disney, cartoons, and cinema. The artist received a B.A. in Film Studies from McGill University in Montreal, and in 2006, Shecter completed the Skowhegan Residency Program in Maine. That same year Printed Matter Inc. in NYC, a source for artist publications, produced his book “Like Ghosts.”