October, 2007

Micah Ganske

Opening this past weekend at the Deitch Projects 76 Grand Street gallery is the exhibition “Pictures Last Longer,” featuring new paintings by artist Micah Ganske in his first solo exhibition in NYC. The ambiguous imagery employed by the artist has been stated as optimistically pessimistic, cynically sincere, or epically banal. Ganske investigates our complex world by seductively revealing the potential for the horrible. The artist[…..]

Sasha Bezzubov

“The Searchers” is a series of photography conducted by the collaborative duo Sasha Bezzubov and Jessica Sucher which investigates Western spiritual tourism in India. The project, which is currently on view at the Noorderlicht Photofestival 2007 in The Netherlands, developed from a year-long trip that the artists took throughout ashrams, retreat centers and pilgrimage destinations of India. What was discovered through that religious landscape was[…..]

Prune Nourry

Parisian artist Prune Nourry‘s work investigates elements of many current social and scientific issues such as genetic modification, stem cell research, fetishes and the commodification of the human form. The artist conducted a project of celebrity led fetishes with dogs and other pets as well as pet-baby substitution piece. For her latest work “Adoption Day,” the artist will conduct a performance piece scheduled for today[…..]

Judy Fox

Opening at P.P.O.W. in late October, Judy Fox will be showing “Snow White and the Seven Sins”. Playing on the classic Disney storyline Fox uses Pride, Envy, Anger, Avarice, Sloth, Gluttony and Lust as surreal objects to surround a beautiful nude adolescent girl who is seemingly unconscious. Known for her sculptures of children rendered with refinement; exploration of the child’s body in life-size naturalistically-painted clay,[…..]

Patrick Hill

Using materials such as beet juice, crushed blackberries, fabric dye, bleach, and oil paint on unprimed canvas, Patrick Hill creates ephemeral-seeming paintings and sculptures in his first New York solo show, “Forming” at Bortolami-Dayan in Chelsea. Hill sets up a range of juxtapositions in his works–the organic and synthetic, traditional and non-traditional, decaying and enduring, to create an oddly harmonious and symbiotic environment in which[…..]

Phil Collins

“the return of the real” is a new exhibition opening this week at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London that will feature the outcome of artist Phil Collins’ Tate Tuner Prize nominated work that features true stories of television betrayal. The artist investigates the post-documentary culture that has become known as reality TV, and the surrounding issues of authenticity and illusion, intimacy and inaccuracy, expectation[…..]

Katrina Moorhead

In an upcoming exhibition opening this Thursday at the James Harris Gallery in Seattle, artist Katrina Moorhead will exhibit the work “on or about December 1981,” a set of DeLorean car doors exquisitely crafted out of plywood. Moorhead explores ideas related to beauty, temporality, failure, and optimism, and through these doors is able to elevate the controversial car and production factory in Belfast to highlight[…..]