October, 2007

Hans Hemmert

On view through this week at Kavi Gupta Gallery in Chicago is a new solo exhibition by Hans Hemmert titled, “this preparation of readiness for keeping oneself open to the arrival or absence of the god.” Hemmert is an artist who has become known for his humor infused philosophical works that reside in ideas of space, physicality, religion and the state of being. The artist[…..]

Gabriel Martinez

Opening this weekend at Samson Projects in Boston, Massachusetts, is a series titled “Self Portraits” by artist Gabriel Martinez. For this exhibition, the artist’s “self portraits” are not of himself, as the title would suggest, instead he conducted several photo sessions with supposed heterosexual men who he lends his camera equipment to photograph their feet at the point of sexual climax. The artist initially presented[…..]

Folkert de Jong

Dutch artist Folkert de Jong is currently exhibiting in his first New York solo exhibition “Les Saltimbanques,” with the James Cohan Gallery. Since attending the Rijksakademie for Visual Arts in Amsterdam, the artist has reached international acclaim for his figurative sculptures that often depict historical scenes which are manipulated to reveal both humor and the grotesque simultaneously. Through using the material of industrial Styrofoam and[…..]

Francesca DiMattio

Artist Francesca DiMattio’s paintings are rooted in architectural structures and the still life, yet explode with movement due to the deconstruction and fragmentation of these otherwise familiar and stable objects. Scale is very important in a DiMattio painting, as the artist attempts to engulf the viewer within the imagery, furthering the illusion of space both through scale and through the flattening of the objects rendered.[…..]

Dannielle Tegeder

New York-based artist Dannielle Tegeder recently opening the exhibition “7(x) = 20x + x5d-1 + (Yellow)”, at the Gregory Lind Gallery in San Francisco. The seven new works on paper are based on a diagrammatic method of illustrating space which results in a geometric materiality that is concrete and stable. The artist combines linear patterns with hard edged painting to create the illusion of space[…..]

Tony Bevan

Opening this weekend at L.A. Louver Gallery in Venice, California is an exhibition of recent paintings and other works on paper by British artist Tony Bevan. For this series the artist has returned to the subject matter of heads and architectural structures, both of which are rendered with a crude application of acrylic paint and pure pigments, evoking a refined yet primitive surface. Formally, Bevan’s[…..]

Jillian McDonald

The Moti Hasson Gallery in New York City is currently presenting “Waking the Dead,” a new body of work by Canadian-born, New York-based artist Jillian McDonald. The exhibition will include a special performance on Halloween night. Within the show, the artist has produced several videos and a series of photographs which feature images that are derivative from a variety of horror films. In the work[…..]