Katrina Moorhead


In an upcoming exhibition opening this Thursday at the James Harris Gallery in Seattle, artist Katrina Moorhead will exhibit the work “on or about December 1981,” a set of DeLorean car doors exquisitely crafted out of plywood. Moorhead explores ideas related to beauty, temporality, failure, and optimism, and through these doors is able to elevate the controversial car and production factory in Belfast to highlight its short life. In addition, the artist will also exhibit a series of drawings that also convey a sense of somberness. Born in Northern Ireland in 1971, Moorehead represented her country in the last Venice Biennale. In 2005 she received the International Artists in Residence Award at the Artpace Foundation in San Antonio, TX; she now lives and works in Houston, TX. The artist received an MFA from Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland in 1996, and has completed solo exhibitions at the Inman Gallery (2006) and Devin Borden Hiram Butler Gallery (2002).