October, 2007

Andrea Fraser

Performance artist Andrea Fraser has long been acclaimed as provocateur, leading a unique style of performance art coined as “institutional critique.” The artist has conducted many famous performances, such as the 1989 work “Museum Highlights,” where the artist posed as a Museum tour guide under her stage name Jane Castleton at the Philadelphia Museum. During the piece the artist walked different groups around the institution[…..]

Scott Hug

On view now at John Connelly Presents is the solo exhibition “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late,” by New York-based artist Scott Hug. For the show, Hug is presenting a new body of paintings, sculpture, video and text-based work that continues his interest in the media, pop culture and politics. The artist appropriates images from media sources like Time Magazine and The New York Post[…..]

Dan Eckstein

New York-based photographer Dan Eckstein works as a documentarian, simultaneously creating editorial and fine art imagery. In a recent project “Picture China,” Eckstein traveled over 10,000km documenting the rapid growth of a contemporary China over an eight week period. The artist visited both metropolitan and rural areas, capturing the people and places of that country and the issues that impact their life. Other photographic series[…..]

Michael Dotson

Cleveland-based artist Michael Dotson is interested in the appearance of things, especially through the lens of fashion and architecture. Dotson looks at how individuals and spaces become dressed up and made to compensate or fight against an otherwise mundane body or landscape. Created under the principle that fascination comes out of boredom, Dotson has taken structures such as sports arenas as a point of departure[…..]

Natalia Fabia

Los Angeles-based artist Natalia Fabia will present “Hooker Safari: A Glamorous Jungle Pageant,” a solo exhibition of new works with the Corey Helford Gallery in L.A. The artist’s realist figurative style of painting, mixed with the humorously seductive women pictured in the jungle with wildlife raise interesting questions like, “what are these hookers doing in the jungle?” This over the top imagery will be matched[…..]

Lawrence Weiner

Lawrence Weiner is mounting a new body of work, “As Far As The Eye Can See”, at the Whitney Museum from November 2007 through February 2008. The artist uses words to serve as the raw material for his art. Words are spoken, sung, painted, printed, stamped on coins and manhole covers, put to film, just about anywhere. The text is intended to help people understand[…..]

Laurel Nakadate

New York-based photographer, video, and performance artist Laurel Nakadate has developed a series of ongoing projects that began during her graduate studies at Yale University School of Art in which she involves middle-aged single men in a series of uncomfortable scenarios. The artist’s work successfully mixes voyeurism, awkwardness, and manipulation with ideas of feminism, the male gaze and power. Often she will invite men who[…..]