Wilting Wonder


Opening at the end of this week at The Lab 101 Gallery in Culver City, Los Angeles is “Wilting Wonder,” an exhibition featuring the works of artists Travis Millard, Mel Kadel, Michael Sieben and Mike Aho. These artist often come together to present collaborative projects, the newest being “Wilting Wonder,” an exploration of appropriated printing techniques and materials from commercially driven art, re-contextualized not sell a product but rather to explore themes present in the artists individual works. In addition, each artist will present recent works that have been created individually. All of these artists have been very successful in both the commercial and fine art world. Artist Travis Millard created Fudge Factory Comics operated in L.A, while artist Mel Kadel has been involved in projects for Volcom and Foundation Skateboards. Michael Sieben, who currently lives and works in Austin, Texas, operates Okay Mountain Gallery and illustrates for Thrasher Magazine. Mike Aho has recently united visual art, film and music into his work and has worked on commercial projects with Transworld Skateboard Magazine, Bueno Skateboards and Listen! Skateboards. This exhibition will be on view through October 24th.