Marti Cormand


The work of artist Marti Cormand is rooted in traditional landscape painting, while simultaneously referencing the digital age. Cormand’s tightly rendered paintings seem to pay homage to Dutch School of Painting, yet the artist reaches to the present and states his placement in the history of painting by utilizing the computer and the internet as new tools for creation. The artist manipulates the appropriated photographs by adding and removing elements to fabricate images that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Cormand recently received The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum‘s 2007 Emerging Artist Award and a selection of works will be on view at the Museum until February of 2008. The artist was born in Spain in 1971, is an MFA graduate of the University of Barcelona, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. The artist has completed a recent series of exhibition with the Josee Bienvenu Gallery in NYC between 2003 and 2006. Other exhibitions include “Focus” at the Gregory Lind Gallery in San Francisco and a self-titled exhibition with Galeria Alejandro Sales in Barcelona, Spain.