The Canadian collaborative duo “Fighting” is currently presenting their newest project “Different Strokes,” with the OKOK Gallery in Seattle. “Fighting” consists of childhood friends Niall McClelland and Lukas Geronimas. The artists collectively explore metaphysics, pseudo shamanism, natural history, and subversive political and social movements through gothic ink drawings and collages. The two undermine the seriousness of their chosen imagery by employing subtle humor through satire and references to pop-culture. For their current show with the OKOK Gallery, McClelland and Geronimas constructed a temporary residence in the gallery that is constructed of found material and contains a burlap roof. The artists lived in the structure as they produced much of the work for the exhibit. The work manifested into large collages, some of which act as vertical banners spanning the back portion of the gallery. The artists have transformed the front of the gallery into a faux-natural history museum, and have individual black and white still life ink drawings that depict a variety of objects such as a human skull.

The artists have been interviewed on and have appeared in the publications Lo Down and Color.