Arne Quinze


On Sept. 14 Belgian artist/designer Arne Quinze’s latest work “Cityscape” will open on the suburban streets of Brussels, Belgium. The enormous wooden sculpture is 131-feet long, 82-feet wide and 39-feet high and will stand for year in Brussels’ luxury district. Quinze, the artistic director of design company Quinze and Milan,says of his piece, “‘Cityscape’ resembles a frozen movement, speed caught in time.” The piece encourages interaction, people are able to walk through and experience the changes in light as the sun comes through the wood. The aritst built a similar structure last year at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. At the end of the festival the structure was set on fire. A self-taught artist, Quinze first found his creative outlet with graffitti as a homeless 15-year-old. Later this month Quinze has several pieces in Mutagenesis, a solo exhibition at the Abitare Il Tempo design exhibition in Verona, Italy. To listen to a discussion with the artist on WPS1 Art Radio click here.