Andrew Schoultz


“Chaotic Explosions of the Eye” is a new exhibition opening this month in Scandinavia at V1 Gallery by Bay Area artist Andrew Schoultz. The artist, one of the first DS daily features, is on the rise, especially in the United States. Rooted in social conscience, Schoultz’s work spans painting and installation and has been presented in countless galleries and city streets. The energy and visual speed of the artist’s work aids in his investigation of ” medieval maps from the 15th century, mid-eastern miniature painting, biblical symbolism and re-interpreted folk art blended in with present-day themes such as war, globalization, and the relationship between man and nature,” states VI Gallery. The artist has exhibited in numerous venues including Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York, New Image Art Gallery in LA and Boston Center for the Arts. Gingko Press recently published a book on the artist’s work entitled “Ulysses – the artwork of Andrew Schoultz,” featuring infamous works completed in the Mission District of SF and in Indonesia.