September, 2007

All is well that begins well and has no end

New York University’s 80 Washington Square East Galleries current group exhibition, “All is well that begins well and has no end,” has that battle of the bands feel by offering a range of work by emerging artists. The show is co-curated by Jan Van Woensel, an independent curator, art critic, lecturer and film producer based in New York and Antwerp. Appointed as a Senior Studio[…..]


The Canadian collaborative duo “Fighting” is currently presenting their newest project “Different Strokes,” with the OKOK Gallery in Seattle. “Fighting” consists of childhood friends Niall McClelland and Lukas Geronimas. The artists collectively explore metaphysics, pseudo shamanism, natural history, and subversive political and social movements through gothic ink drawings and collages. The two undermine the seriousness of their chosen imagery by employing subtle humor through satire[…..]

Peter Marigold

British designer Peter Marigold’s obsession with storage has led him to do several pieces where he studies how geometric phenomena can be the basis for creating structures. This year’s Split Series was based on the 360 principle, splitting a form into angled pieces and then inverting them achieves a total of 360 degrees. While his work may be based in geometry, his pieces flow poetically[…..]

Marti Cormand

The work of artist Marti Cormand is rooted in traditional landscape painting, while simultaneously referencing the digital age. Cormand’s tightly rendered paintings seem to pay homage to Dutch School of Painting, yet the artist reaches to the present and states his placement in the history of painting by utilizing the computer and the internet as new tools for creation. The artist manipulates the appropriated photographs[…..]

Wilting Wonder

Opening at the end of this week at The Lab 101 Gallery in Culver City, Los Angeles is “Wilting Wonder,” an exhibition featuring the works of artists Travis Millard, Mel Kadel, Michael Sieben and Mike Aho. These artist often come together to present collaborative projects, the newest being “Wilting Wonder,” an exploration of appropriated printing techniques and materials from commercially driven art, re-contextualized not sell[…..]


The culturally infused sculptures and paintings of artist BAST are deeply rooted in the elements of hip-hop. The artist explores the energy of graffiti and the surfaces of dilapidated and weathered signage, often depicting devious cartoon characters parading around with guns. Some of the artist’s personified characters are exaggerated to humorously reflect the stereotypes associated with hip-hop culture. Bast’s work is gritty, ghetto, and fit[…..]

Myoung Ho Lee

The photographic works of young Korean Artist Myoung Ho Lee have gained international acclaim for their simple concept and potent outcome. The artist has been developing an ongoing series that take trees in their natural environment and isolates them by placing a white ground behind the tree elegantly altering the viewer’s perception. The subject begins to appear in graphic terms much as photograph would on[…..]